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Our team ranks Century 21's #1 in Alberta and #2 in Canada in 2017.

Fan Yang


Tel: 780-885-7077


Fan Yang is a top 1% REALTOR® at CENTURY 21 Platinum Realty, and the best of the best.

The combination of passion, talent, and dedication is unstoppable. Fan Yang was so successful that he became one of Edmonton’s top realtors and ranked in the top 1% of all Century 21 Canada REALTORS®, all in the span of less than two years’ time. From 2011 onward, Fan Yang has maintained his elite rank in the top 1% of Century 21 – the most recognized name in real estate.

Early in 2012, Fan Yang started his own team of real estate agents to accommodate his rapidly expanding customer base. Highly selective in his recruitment and demanding the very best in service and teamwork from members, Fan Yang’s team has become a local legend, an incubator of the most brilliant and productive real estate talents in Edmonton. Numerous clients have benefited from their remarkable work, and they have been the recipients of a multitude of awards. The GRAND CENTURION® Producer Award has become an annual achievement for each member of Fan Yang’s team since 2012, and Fan Yang’s ranking in Century 21’s yearly individual production list kept rising to hit No. 3 in Canada in 2015.

For a REALTOR® whose battlefield is the peaceful market of Edmonton, achieving the position of No. 3 in Canada is an incredible feat, but for Fan Yang and his team, this is just another new record that they will keep breaking. The reason is simple: they are not just your average good realtors. They are the real estate masters with the right heart, the deepest knowledge, the richest experience, and the most comprehensive resources you can imagine. Indeed, be it a search for your dream home, a hunt for the best investment, or a property-selling mission in Greater Edmonton, you are just a call away from the highest quality service and the greatest satisfaction possible. With your best interests in heart and mind, Fan Yang and his team are looking forward to the opportunity of working with you to make your dreams a reality!

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Haijun Yan

Chief Technical Officer

Tel: 780-937-9648


I joined Fan Yang Team in 2012 and currently hold a position of Chief Technical Officer in the group.

Previously the developer of Edmonton’s most popular Chinese language website, he decided to pursue the career that had always been his passion when he became licensed with the Real Estate Board of Edmonton in 2009. Prior to entering real estate, I had been working towards my PhD in Chemistry and doing postdoctoral research in a national institute afterwards. Following my passion in real estate, I made the jump to become a REALTOR® in 2012.

The academic training in PhD has given me an unparalleled edge in being an exceptional REALTOR®: strong capability in data & market analysis; pursuit of perfection and attention to details; systematic approach in problem solving. My working philosophy is to exploring each individual client’s needs, familiarizing clients with market conditions and providing data & facts to help clients make INFORMED DECISIONS. For buyer clients, my goal is to help clients find their dream home or secure an investment property for the best deal; for seller clients, my goal is to create a stress free selling process and sell for the best price possible.

Being a REALTOR® is not just transacting a property but rather helping people achieve their goals. I am taking great pride in doing this: being professional, honest and dependable. There is nothing more valuable than the trust my clients have on me. Over the years, the compliments I have received from clients are manifested by continuous referrals from previous satisfied clients.

Personality wise, I am a rather quiet person but sincere & honest. Outside work, I enjoy reading books ranging from economics, business & biography etc. I currently live in Riverbend area with my beautiful wife and three lovely daughters – including TWINS.

Jun Wu


Tel: 780-240-8888


Like name, like person. Jun Wu (June), my name, speaks a lot about my personality: warm, delightful, and full of passion and energy.

I came to Edmonton in 2001 and have lived here for 17 years. It’s not exaggerating to say that I have personally witnessed the development of this city and the ups and downs of the real estate market.

I love this peaceful city; I love the hardworking and unpretentious people here; and I am familiar with every neighborhood and every block. Each street in this city is loaded with my warm memories.

I used to work at Wyndham Hotel Group. The intensive customer maintaining workload there helped me to develop strong customer service skills. I was promoted to Administrative and Accounting Manager within half a year and learned a lot more about marketing and organizing in the new position. 

In 2005, I bought my first investment house in Edmonton, which unleashed my passion in the real estate market. In 2012, I finally decided to enter the real estate industry and made one of the best choices in my life: joining Fan Yang’s team. Great team work makes everything possible.

I am also greatly indebted to my clients for putting their trust in me. Please allow me to speak from the bottom of my heart: buying or selling a home is a big deal to you, and I care just as much.

Qin Wang


Tel: 780-952-6881


I grew up in southern China and went to university in Beijing. Having obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Economics, I started working in the banking sector for eight years.

Ever since I first landed in Edmonton in year 2003, I have thoroughly enjoyed being an Edmontonian. The first few years of my new adventure was challenging, but rewarding. During that time, I significantly improved my English and worked in a variety of job positions. This experience had prepared me well for my next steps in this ongoing journey.

For six years, I worked at Canada Post, the largest crown corporation. I worked in different roles within the corporation and greatly enhanced my customer service capability and my teamwork spirit.

In 2013, exactly ten years after I have landed, I started a new chapter in my life. Influenced and encouraged by Fan, my friend and my mentor, I decided to become a Realtor and thus dove headfirst into the world of real estate.

Being one of the most active members of the team, I have closed many deals, but more importantly I have made many lifelong friends. They are my most valuable assets. And it really helps that I am a culinary enthusiast.

To me, the best reward that I can I get from this job is a warm “thank you” at the close of a deal. Building positive relationships with my clients is the key to my success.

Qingbin Li


Tel: 780-937-6536


My name is Qingbin Li and I have been living in Edmonton since 2006, the year that I obtained my Ph.D. degree from the University of Regina.

When I was at Regina, I had been very active. I served as year 2006 Graduate Student Representative, for both the Accreditation Committee and the Ph.D. Committee. When I was not studying, I was usually playing soccer. I was the captain of the mandarin student soccer team. It was certainly not easy to time manage all my academic priorities, along with sports and volunteer work, but I did it.

Working in the real estate industry requires both market/data analysis and client care. My approach is simple: build relationships with my clients based on trust, loyalty and confidence. I always think from the clients’ point of view and strive to create a positive working atmosphere during the buying or selling process. With a “making every detail perfect” attitude, our incredibly driven team is ready to provide the most professional real estate client service to you.

Neal Fu

Property Management

Tel: 780-233-5772


Hi, this is Neal. I have lived in Edmonton for seven years. I got my PhD in Chemical Physics from the U of A.

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Even though I didn’t pursue a career in chemistry, the extensive experience in data analysis that I gained from my study and research became a vital component of my REALTOR® work.

My communication skill is greatly improved after joining Fan’s team. It’s my promise that I will respect your choices and provide you with the most prompt service. My area of specialty is property management: rent your property out for the best return and help you solve potential issues such as utility outage and necessary repairs.

Richard Zhou


Tel: 587-777-2258


Hi, I’m Richard Zhou. As a proud Edmontonian for the last 20 years, let my extensive knowledge of the city help you in your real estate endeavors.

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With my B.Sci and B.Comm degrees, and accounting experience, I bring a strategic but personal approach to the buying and selling process.

My family’s investments in real estate have been a great influence and a continuing source of interest for me. I understand what it means to stand in the customer’s shoes. Every house is an investment, and I specialize in applying my expertise and market knowledge to help you find the best one.

Children and their education is also an important consideration when buying a home. Having gone through Windsor Park, Vernon Barford, Old Scona, and UofA, I have an intimate knowledge of the Edmonton education system and school zones.

I’m a proud member of Fan Yang’s top 1% team and share its dedication to impeccable customer service and hard work.

Proficient Languages: English, Mandarin

Nickie Wu


Tel: 780-885-5936


Hi, this is Nickie. As a very energetic individual, I approach my real estate business with passion and enthusiasm.

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I came to Edmonton 10 years ago. After graduating from University of Alberta, I started my career at Alldritt Homes, one of the most established builders in Edmonton. That was where I found my passion for real estate. My economics background helped me research and analyze the real estate market. I am also enrolled in a real estate appraisal program, which benefits me a lot. I specialize in new home building and purchasing, and I am capable of facilitating all manners of purchasing, appraising and selling. I take pride in spending time explaining to my clients regarding their options and the market conditions, thus making them feel more comfortable in the process.

I am honored to call Edmonton my home and proud to be a member Fan’s Team. When I am not busy working, I love traveling and learning more about the local real estate market.

Jinmei Zhang


Tel: 780-271-7799


Hello, my name is Jinmei Zhang (Joanne). Growing up and being a professional in various parts of the world, I have gained and experienced what it takes to interact and satisfy clients with different cultural and ethnic background.

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With over 10 years in sales and logistics, I wake up every morning ready to pursue my passions in Real Estate in Edmonton, the city that I call home for 9 years.

Spending my childhood and youth in China, I established my identity as a hard-working individual of integrity and ethical values. Having finished my university education with distinction, and worked for over 10 years in Singapore in sales and logistics, I gained extensive experience in the field of sales in a diverse set of market conditions. I specialized in negotiating and preparing contracts for vessel chartering. The one thing that I have learned is that client satisfaction is the utmost important aspect in the industry.

I decided to utilize my knowledge and skills in negotiation and customer service that I accumulated over my past. I aim to be successful once again, this time in the realm of the fast growing real estate market of Alberta.

Being part of Fan’s Team, I am dedicated to help you sell your property or find your dream home. My commitment to my clients does not end upon closing the deal; I follow through and make sure they are satisfied. I am confident that, with my work ethic and positive attitude, I will bring forward good results to your real estate needs.

Vida Guan


Tel: 780-885-2676


Hi, this is Vida. Prior to becoming a REALTOR®, I had worked seven years in marketing and gained extensive experiences.

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As a top producer, I helped driving a global brand’s sales team to become No.1 in Canada. Furthermore, I helped improving its luxury line’s sales by 350%.

Having a passion for visual arts, I obtained Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Stage Design and Media Post-editing. My hobbies include oil painting (having my own studio in Beijing), interior decoration and, of course, traveling. I have been to many places across North America, until settling down in Edmonton.

Having civil engineers as parents, I have always had a strong interest in architecture. I love beautiful homes and I am fascinated by how they are designed, constructed and decorated. It’s only natural that I finally chose the career working as a REALTOR®.

Now I work hard representing clients in both buying and selling real properties. Client care is always my top priority, because things can only work well once I form a healthy and functional relationship with my clients. I am dedicated to give my clients first class professional services and honest advice, thus enabling them to make the right decision.

I love my work and I am really proud of being member of the Fan Yang Team. Let me know your needs and wants, and I will tread those as my own and do my best helping you secure the best deal.

Leslie Jia


Tel: 780-988-5819


Hi, this is Leslie, a long time Edmontonian. I started my new life in this great city attending Bonnie Doon High School and then Harry Ainley.

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After obtaining my BSc and MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the U of A, I worked in the industry for a full ten years. It was about time for me to try something different. As such, I started building houses as a general contractor and got my REALTOR®’s license.

It’s a pleasure to join Fan’s team. This is a friendly, yet competitive environment. My specialty is new home purchase. I can help you right from the lot selection and home design stages all the way to construction and landscaping. I am familiar with all city regulations and codes. If you have any question about a house you intend to sell or a house you are interested in, just give me a call and I would be glad to help.

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